Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cross - a mark, object, or figure formed by two short intersecting lines or pieces (+ or ×).

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"I see that it is by no means useless to travel, if a man wants to see something new" ― Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days

Today was my last day of freedom before school starts. I don't know if I'm more nervous, or excited at this point. I spend the day running errands with Father Dear. The first thing we did was go to the farm, which was quite interesting. They changed the price of green beans from 99 cents to 2 dollars and the lady behind us was having a conniption while we were finishing up putting our stuff in our basket. They tried to explain to her that the price went up because they were bigger, but she was having none of it and threw them down on the counter before loudly exclaiming that she didn't want them anymore. Father Dear and I both gave her the side-eye and kept walking. The price increase was clearing already in affect when she went to pick them up, so why would she think yelling at them would make them drop the price?

The next stop we made was to a Mexican grocery store because apparently they have the lowest price for turkey tails in my town. I gagged a little when I saw all of the meat around, but only because at that moment I thought off all the poor animals that died. Father Dear and I even watched them cut the fat away and then hack the tail into pieces. I had to look away.

Barnes and Noble was our last stop, and I was so happy we got there when we did because the book I needed for my Journalism class was the last one they had. I cheered a little in victory in my head as I was walking out of the aisle. Being the sucker that I am, I also bought this fashion doodles book so that I could try my hand at designing clothes. Maybe I'll post some of my finished products on Instagram, who knows?

This is the outfit that I traipsed around my town in, and I thought it was worth a photo or two. I know I'm spamming you with so many photos this time around, but I set up my tripod outside and had fun playing around with my remote.

I'm going to go now, but be sure to watch my video below. I'd planned on filming today, and I'm so happy I did. Tell me what you think of the video, and I'll see you in my next one.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Series - a set of related television or radio programs, especially of a specified kind.


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius

The first video in my Plus Marks The Spot series is finally here!

If you follow on my Instagram you would have seen a post on these photos. In the post I talked about how I hated the way the pictures turned out and decided not to post them. After editing this video and hearing the wonderful message I decided to post this set. Everyone has bad days, but I hope this video will help at least one person having one today. I hope you like them, and I'll see you in the next one.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fringe - an ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material.

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Boom Clap The sound of my heart The beat goes on and on and on and on - charli xcx

Hello again cottontails. Firstly I wanted to let you know that we’re on track to hitting 60 followers on Bloglovin (HUAAZH!) , and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you guys so much. It makes me so happy and proud that so many people would be interested in reading my blog and caring what I have to say.

This mini photo shoot is my take on a more grungy / rocker style. This is a dress that’s been in my closet for a long time (about a year) and I haven’t worn it because it shrank in the wash two days after I bought it and wore it out. At first I didn’t know how to style it in its shorter state, but I’ve always had this vision in my head of wearing it with some cute black shorts underneath it, and something over it to cover up that stupid hole on the shoulder (although I might try and distress it even more). I decided to wear it with my tall lita lookalikes from Charlotte Russe to add a little more height to my already tall frame. I think I’ve grown and finally hit the six feet mark.

Secondly, I wanted to talk to you all about plus size modeling. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time, and I think I'm going to do it. I need a way to be able to pay for school (I’m also going to ask the guy in the bookstore how he got his job because they only ever have one person in there and I totally have administrative experience and know how to handle money. Plus I love books, duh!). Plus model magazine has a whole section on how to arrange your comp card and the requirements to be a plus model, so that has been a great help. I'm going to look more into it, but I'm leaning towards Stars Model Managment. They're conveniently located in the city. Woohoo.

Next week is finally Outside Lands, and Mother Dear has it in her head to put extensions back in my hair and make them really small and blonde (only in the front), so we'll see how that goes. I'll probably bum Nana's camera because my SLR is prohibited, and I'd rather not carry that heavy so and so around.

I'm going to go now, but I'll see you all again soon. Bye.

(As a short little sidenote, this would have been up earlier but the power went out.)

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